Forms and Requests

Reservation Guidelines | General Conditions | Making a Reservation

Please read the following guidelines before requesting a facility reservation or tabling through the Department of Recreational Sports. After reviewing the policies, please use one of the links at the bottom of this page that best describes your organization to submit your reservation.

Reservation Guidelines

The Department of Recreational Sports facilities are primarily for use by University of Florida students, faculty, and staff. The guidelines below describe the process needed to reserve a facility depending on the type of organization and the type of facility being requested. All requests are processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

General Conditions

  1. A minimum processing time of 15 business days is required for all requests.
  2. If you cancel your event or your event request/permit is denied by Student Activities and Involvement or The UF Office of Business Affairs, please send an email to and notify RecSports of your event cancellation.
  3. Fees and/or donations may not be charged to or collected from UF students to participate in events held in the Student Recreation & Fitness Center or the Southwest Recreation Center.
  4. Insurance may be required in accordance with UF guidelines.
  5. If there is any damage to the facility and/or the facility is not cleaned properly, the cost of the repairs and/or clean up will be charged to the group responsible. The group will also forfeit the privilege to reserve the facilities in the future.
  6. An hourly fee will be charged for the use of lights.
  7. Staffing may be required as determined by the Department of Recreational Sports. A per hour fee will be charged for staff.
  8. Sports officials/referees from the Department of Recreational Sports are required for sporting events/tournaments.