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The softball complex consists of four softball fields. Besides the allotted open recreation softball hours, the softball complex is available for intramural competitions and special events.

Softball equipment may be checked out from the Southwest Recreation Center equipment room and must be returned the following day.

For more information regarding reserving facilities, go to the Reservations page.


The softball complex is located on the north side on the Southwest Recreation Center on Bledsoe Drive.

Thursday, July 18

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Softball Complex (SWRC)Closed

*These hours are subject to change and always based on the availability of the Southwest Recreation Center hours of operation.

Click here for the weekly hours table.

Equipment checkout stations are available at Southwest Recreation Center, Student Recreation & Fitness Center and Broward Outdoor Recreation Complex. Items intended for use within the facility have a 24-hour checkout window, while items intended for outdoor use may be kept for up to 48 hours. In either case, an automatic e-mail is sent if items are not returned after the appropriate period.

For equipment rental/reservation for a special event please e-mail rscheckout@recsports.ufl.edu

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