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Fall 2014 Group Fitness Schedule

All classes are 60 minutes unless otherwise indicated by a number listed on the schedule after the class name. See the class descriptions for class information. Please check the adjusted schedule below before coming to a class.

  Dance   Cardio   Outdoor
  Mind & Body   Strength   Cycling

Adjusted Schedule

There are currently no adjustments to the Group Fitness Schedule.

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Fall Schedule

Student Recreation & Fitness Center
Time Room Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
06:15 AM SR 4 Total Body (45)Noelle   Total Body (45)Suzy   Total Body (45)Christen    
07:15 AM SR 1   Cycle (45)Jocie   Cycle (45)Jenny      
08:15 AM SR 3 Vinyasa YogaJolie   Vinyasa YogaKira   Vinyasa YogaKira    
10:15 AM SR 2 Total BodyBianca Vinyasa YogaKayla Total BodyErin Vinyasa YogaKayla   Vinyasa YogaKarla  
11:45 AM SR 3 YogalatesJenny Total BodySamantha K. YogalatesJenny Total BodyArtur      
12:00 PM SR 1 Cycle (45)Dave Cycle (45)Melina Cycle (45)Alyssa Cycle (45)Melina Cycle (45)Christianne Cycle (45)Sara Cycle (45)Amita
1:00 PM SR 2 Core (30)Dave Total Body (30)Melina Core (30)Alyssa Total Body (30)Melina Core (30)Christianne Core (30)Sara Total BodyNoelle
3:00 PM SR 3 Power YogaKayla KickboxingAlex Power YogaPaggie KickboxingBrooke ViPR® Sport (45)Nadia   Ballet StrengthAveri
4:00 PM SR 1 Cycle (45)Rachel Cycle (45)Alyssa Cycle (45)Melina Cycle (45)Brittany Cycle (45)Caitlin    
4:00 PM SR 4 iBurnKelsey L.   iBurnRachel        
4:30 PM SR 2 Interval TrainingSuzy Interval TrainingErin Interval TrainingKatelynn Interval TrainingPaggie iBurnNoelle Zumba®Tracy KickboxingSamantha K.
5:00 PM SR 3 ViPR® Move (45)Leah ViPR® Move (45)Kira ViPR® Sport (45)Bianca ViPR® Sport (45)Raphael     Hip Hop FitnessBrandon
5:30 PM SR Lobby Stadium ConditioningKatelynn & Christen Stadium ConditioningMichael & Nadia Stadium ConditioningKarah & Lauren Stadium ConditioningAlyssa & Nadia      
5:30 PM SR 4 Ballet StrengthHannah   Ballet StrengthT’Nisha        
5:30 PM SR 3         Zumba®Samantha K.    
6:00 PM FL Pool   Coached SwimLauren   Coached SwimErin      
6:00 PM SR 1 Cycle (60)Nikki Cycle (60)Jenny/Rotation Cycle (60)Sarah T Cycle (60)Sarah T      
6:15 PM SR 2 Core (30)Jess   Core (30)Janel        
6:30 PM SR 3 Total BodyJanel Zumba® ToningTracy KickboxingBrittany Zumba®Marissa      
7:00 PM SR 2 Zumba®Ashley Interval TrainingAbbey Zumba®Jessica M. Step AerobicsChrista      
7:15 PM SR 4 iBurnAbbey Total BodyCaroline iBurnSamantha K. Total BodyDanielle      
7:45 PM SR 3   Hip Hop FitnessAshley   Hip Hop FitnessKelsey L.      
8:15 PM SR 1 Cycle (45)Kelsey D Cycle (45)Christianne Cycle (45)Kelsey D Cycle (45)Karah      
9:30 PM SR 3 Hip Hop FitnessAveri Vinyasa YogaJolie Hip Hop FitnessBrandon Vinyasa YogaJolie      
Broward Outdoor Recreation Complex
Time Room Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
4:45 PM Broward Pool Aqua Zumba®Marissa     Aqua Zumba®Tracy      
Southwest Recreation Center
Time Room Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
06:15 AM SW 1 Cycle (45)Karah Interval Training (45)Rachel Cycle (45)Leah Interval Training (45)Michael Cycle (45)Kelsey D    
06:30 AM SW 3   Hatha YogaNatalie   Hatha YogaKira      
08:15 AM SW 1 Cycle Circuits (45)Amita Cycle (45)Dave   Cycle (45)Dave Cycle Circuits (45)Jess    
10:15 AM SW 3 Vinyasa YogaMallory   Vinyasa YogaMallory       Vinyasa YogaNatalie
12:00 PM SW 3   Vinyasa YogaChristianne   Vinyasa YogaMallory      
12:30 PM SW 1 Cycle (45)Brittany Cycle Circuits (60)Nikki Cycle (45)Caitlin Cycle Circuits (60)Jess Cycle (45)Brittany Total BodyAmye  
1:30 PM SW 1 Core (30)Brittany   Core (30)Caitlin   Core (30)Artur    
3:45 PM SW 1 ViPR® Move (45)Darcie Cycle (45)Brooke ViPR® Move (45)Kate Cycle (45)Amita iBurnT’Nisha Cycle (45)Caitlin ViPR® Sport (45)Michael
4:00 PM SW 3 KickboxingT’Nisha   KickboxingKelsey L.   Hip Hop FitnessBrandon Zumba® ToningAmber  
5:15 PM SW 1 Ride and Relax (75)Raphael iBurnPaggie Ride and Relax (75)Christianne iBurnKate Ride and Relax (75)Karah/Margo   Cycle (60)Amye
5:30 PM SW 3 YogalatesSarah W Ballet StrengthKate YogalatesMallory   Vinyasa YogaNatalie    
6:45 PM SW 1 BOSU®Kate Cycle (45)Hannah BOSU®Ashley Cycle (45)Sam E.      
7:00 PM SW 3 Power YogaSamantha W. KickboxingDanielle Power YogaEmily KickboxingLexi Zumba®Christa    
8:00 PM SW 1 Interval Training (45)Artur ViPR® Sport (45)Kat Interval Training (45)Artur ViPR® Sport (45)Caroline      
8:15 PM SW 3 Zumba®Ideanna Power YogaSamantha W. Zumba® ToningAmber Power YogaCarrie     Power YogaEmily
9:15 PM SW 1 Cycle (45)Jess   Cycle (45)Margo        
9:30 PM SW 3 Recovery Yoga (75)Karla Zumba®Jessica M. Recovery Yoga (75)Karla Zumba®Amber      
Maguire Field
Time Room Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
06:00 AM Maguire Field     Bootcamp         
5:30 PM Maguire Field Bootcamp  Bootcamp  Bootcamp  Bootcamp       

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