Small Group Training

What is Small Group Training

Small Group Training combines movement education and fitness-specific skill development for participants. Our 90-minute, 1-day workshops give a glimpse into the format of your choice and a foundation of skills, tips, and tricks to help you Live in Motion.

Our 3-week and 8-week sessions are designed to receive individualized coaching while allowing you to build a community with everyone in your session. You will build upon foundational skills and progress by advancing exercises and learning new ones throughout the session.

Need to Know:

  • Registration closes 72 hours prior to workshop/session.
  • An active RecSports membership is required to purchase and participate in Small Group Training programs. Prices are listed with each section. For membership questions, please contact

Formats Offered

Common Questions

What's the difference between Olympic Weightlifting 101 and 102?

Olympic Weightlifting 101: In this workshop, you will learn how to perform the clean & jerk and snatch using light barbells and PVC pipes through instruction of foundational movement components.

Olympic Weightlifting  102: In this workshop, you will refine your clean & jerk and snatch technique and work towards adding additional weight to the barbell.

How can I use the Olympic Lifting Platforms on my own?

Any student or member who has a sound background in Olympic Weightlifting is encouraged to test out and utilize the Olympic Weightlifting platforms. In order to pass the practical test, one must correctly perform a Front Squat, Overhead Squat, Deadlift, Clean & Jerk and Snatch as evaluated by a RecSports Staff member certified through USA Weightlifting. Each test takes approximately 15 minutes to complete.

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