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  Apr 29   Sport Clubs

25th Annual TriGators Triathlon

Run, bike and swim. The TriGators club team can do it all. The 25th annual TriGators Triathlon occurred on March 24th right at their home base, the University of Florida.  In the past, the triathlon race consisted 250-yard swim at the Florida Pool, a 3.4-mile bike ride and a 1.1 mile run throughout campus finishing in front of Ben Hill Griffin Stadium.  However, this was the […]

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  Apr 23   Sport Clubs

AT Tuesday

At RecSports, we have five athletic trainers who work hard to ensure safety on and off the fields. Four of these trainers are graduate students with one coordinator as a guide and mentor. Let’s meet the team.First off, we have…The Coordinator for Athletic Training, Katelyn Peterson. Her favorite part of the athletic training program is getting her athletes back onto […]

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  Apr 15   Sport Clubs

Play, Compete and Serve; UF Sport Clubs Log Over 6,300 Community Service Hours…so far.

Our sport club athletes do more than just practice and compete, they also volunteer. This past semester our teams have volunteered at marathons, schools and tournaments. They have logged in a total of 6,341 community service hours thus far in the 2018 to 2019 school year.  Clubs have to meet a certain level of requirements to maintain funding and status within RecSports, said […]

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  Mar 19   Nutrition

Jessie the Dietitian: Does My Body Need a Detox?

Spring is nearly here and with that comes a plethora of marketing pitches encouraging spring cleaning, organizing and simplifying one’s life. With Marie Kondo in your ear asking if that item truly “sparks joy”, sales ads and social media ‘influencers’ will encourage you to make it a self-care spring clean of your body and your t-shirt drawer.“Try my miracle 3-day cleansing […]

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  Mar 18   Outdoors

Breaking Barriers at Black Balsam

“That was INCREDIBLE! I can’t believe we just did that!, one of the hikers shouted as we triumphantly high-fived in the parking lot after trudging up the final incline of the weekend with our 500-pound backpacks.We reached the van from which we had departed a few days earlier and threw our packs on the ground, trying to extend our vision past the thick fog, and just kind of […]

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  Feb 27   Sport Clubs

Club of the Month: Baseball

This February we’re putting our Club of the Month spotlight on the Baseball team. The D1 team is on fire, with a 10-2 game record, a 10 to nothing win against the University of Miami on Feb 16 and are now ranked #12 nationally by the National Club Baseball Association (NCBA).Division 2 is doing well too, currently playing with an enviable 6-3 record this season and will be […]

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  Feb 20   Sport Clubs

Men’s Club Rugby Celebrates 50 Years!

Traditions are what keep the spirits alive. A tradition that has been alive for the University of Florida Men’s Club Rugby Team is the alumni game that takes place every February.  The alumni game is an unofficial match between the current club team and former gator rugby players, tracing back to the original team.  This year’s reunion was a special one because the club rugby […]

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  Feb 20   Nutrition

March Through Nutrition Month with Jessie the Dietitian

Who is RecSports’ Jessie the Dietitian?Halloween 2016 is a sweet day in my life story:  Day One as the UF RecSports Coordinator of Nutrition. I was hired to create Nutrition Services at RecSports and promote nutrition health and wellness to the UF community. To get here, I didn’t take a direct route into nutrition. At. All. Instead, I took a meandering, melodious route […]

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  Feb 18   Fitness

Did you know…RecSports has Athletic Trainers!?

What is an Athletic TrainerAthletic trainers (AT’s) are highly qualified, multi-skilled health care professionals who collaborate with physicians to provide preventative services, emergency care, clinical diagnosis, therapeutic intervention and rehabilitation of injuries and medical conditions. AT’s are trained to handle emergency injuries such as fractures, sprains/strains, […]

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  Feb 13   Outdoors

Faceless in Paradise: A UF Sea Kayaking TRiP to the Bahamas

I never thought I’d take an aqua-dump, but there I was in the Spring of 2018 squatting waist deep in the tropical blue waters of the Bahamas. A little backstory, TRiP facilitated a week-long sea kayaking trip to the Exuma Cays, and I was lucky enough to be one of the leaders to plan it. While you could hear a great story from any of the 9 of us that went, there was something […]

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  Jan 28   Fitness, News

Your heart is your real Valentine this year!

Every February, we celebrate American Heart Month. With heart disease as the leading cause of death for both men and women in the United States, this month is dedicated to raising awareness to ways we can optimize our heart health and quality of life. Here are 4 simple tips to keep a healthy Valentine’s Day muscle (aka YOUR HEART!):MOVE! – Exercise isn’t the only type of […]

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  Jan 28   Sport Clubs

Women’s Flag Football becomes Two-Time National “Chomp”ions

The University of Florida Women’s Club Flag Football team was recently named 2018 NIRSA champions after a win versus Mexican University, La Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León in early January of 2019 that took place at Pensacola, Florida.Their second national championship win, the women’s club flag football team began their first practice in fall of 2017. “My high school […]

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