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UF Outdoor Team Challenge Courses



Reservation Guidelines | General Conditions | Making a Reservation Please read the following guidelines before requesting a facility reservation or tabling through the Department of Recreational Sports. After reviewing the policies, please use one of the links at the bottom of this page that best describes your organization to submit your reservation. Reservation Guidelines The…


Sport Clubs Alumni

Welcome to the Sport Clubs Alumni page! While we recognize that many of our clubs already have excellent alumni involvement, our vision is to make those connections part of a program-wide culture through enhanced communication starting with this webpage. Please take a few minutes to complete the questionnaire below to be added to our database.…


Sport Clubs Council

Sport Clubs Council The Sport Clubs Council (SCC) is the student governing body of the Sport Clubs program and is overseen by the Sport Clubs staff. The SCC is responsible for the following: Allocation of funds for each club’s annual budget Allocation of Special Request funds New club proposals and dismissal of clubs Consulted on…


Quick Reference Guide

This Quick Reference Guide has been designed to answer some of the common questions we receive. Policy and Procedure questions can be found in the Sport Clubs Handbook. How can I create a new Sport Club? Are there any travel discounts available? How can we get more people involved in the club? What is the…



Established 1918 In 1918, the University YMCA purchased 20 acres of land and water at Lake Wauburg as a recreation center for University of Florida students. This was before the road across Paynes Prairie was completed. The journey to the lake took about a half-day on a winding road of mostly sand with the danger…



The following is a list of frequently asked questions regarding Intramural Sports and the University of Florida. Students, faculty and staff are highly encouraged to read the Intramural Sports Participants Guide for all policies and procedures. Putting Together a Team or Finding a Team | Who Can Play and What Do You Need? | At…


Find a Team

Participants that are interested in playing an Intramural Sport, but do not have a full team can register as a free agent. There are a number of different ways that you can keep yourself in the game! Free Agent Meetings Social Media Show up to Events Attend a Free Agent Meeting Free Agents and Intramural…


Registration Process

Creating an Account: ​Go to . Click the “Intramurals” icon. Login using your gatorlink login information. Click the orange IMLeagues Intramurals Sports bar. This will bring you to the IMLeagues webpage where you will create an account. Enter your information and click submit. How to sign up for an Intramural Sport: Log in…


Inclusive Recreation

Inclusive Recreation | Facilities | Programs and Features | Accommodation Requests | Inclusive Recreation The Department of Recreational Sports' mission is to offer experiences that enrich the lives of University of Florida students through excellence in facilities, fitness, sport, adventure and play. RecSports strives to be inclusive and provide a variety of accommodations for equal…