Kyle Sellman

Degree Program/Major:

Bachelors Applied physiology and kinesiology, Pre Athletic training

Relevant Fitness Certifications:

  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • Red Cross CPR/AED/First aid

Fitness/training Specializations:

  • Powerlifting
  • Strength training
  • Coming back from injury


I started lifting the spring of my freshman year of high school, as a way to improve at wrestling, which I had done very poorly in that previous winter. I really liked it and as such I took strength and conditioning the next year, continuing to see progress, I would always enjoy lifting. I progressed quickly in the deadlift in particular. During covid I was trained by another wrestler’s parent in weightlifting and learned a lot about full body, explosive, and sport specific training, while continuing some of the key movements like the deadlift. Coming into college I decided to stop wrestling and begin training for powerlifting.

I have really enjoyed Powerlifting here at UF and the deadlift is still my favorite lift. I find lifting to be very therapeutic, and I love how measurable progress is. It relieves a lot of my stress, and I enjoy learning about lifting. I have made numerous friends through lifting, and I like seeing people’s reactions to some of my lifts. I hope as your personal trainer I can help you fall in love with lifting as I have, and to help you continue pushing your limits and achieving your goals.

Hobbies or a fun fact(s):

  • I used to solve Rubik’s cubes competitively, and can still solve one in around 22 seconds
  • I powerlift for the club team here at UF in the 67.5kg weight class (148.5 lbs)
  • You can find videos of me lifting on Instagram @an_uncreative_user
  • I am from Maryland but moved to Pensacola Florida in the late summer of 2022