Boating and Sailing
Boating and Sailing


All boating is weather-dependent. Wind, rain, and lightning conditions may create temporary closures. Active UFID Holders can rent the following, free of charge.

  • Boats Available for Check-Out
    • Single Kayak
    • Double Kayak
    • Stand-Up Paddleboard
    • Canoe
    • Paddleboat
    • Jon Boat
      • You are permitted to bring your own trolling motor
    • Hobie Cat Wave Sailboat
      • Sail Test required (see section below)


  • Sail Test
    • Successful completion of a Sail Test is required to check out a Hobie Cat Wave Sailboat.
    • Sail Tests take place at North Shore from Wednesday – Friday between 12 p.m. –4:30 p.m.
      • Tests are first-comefirstserved.
      • Tests are not administered Saturday or Sunday. 
    • Prep for your Sail Test
      • Tests comprise of a written and practical portion.
      • Review the Sailing Study Guide to prep for the test!
    • Sailing 101 Skills Workshop
      • Take a 3-hour workshop with us to learn all the skills you need to pass your Sail Test with ease.

Hobie Cat Wave Sailing 

  • Bookings are weather-dependent and may be cancelled if it is unsafe to be on the water 
  • Successful completion of a Sail Test is required to book a Hobie Hour  
  • Secure your spot up to one week in advance 
  • Day-of and walk-up bookings are also available 
  • Bookings are limited to one per day  
  • Each booking is one hour in length 
  • Booking will be forfeited if patron is over 15 minutes late 
  • Booking end times will not be adjusted if patron is late 
  • A confirmation email will be sent upon booking 

UF Club Sailing 

  • Reach out to UF Club Sailing if you are interested in becoming eligible to sail the FJs