This outdoor pool located by Broward Residence Area is a convenient place on campus to take a break from classes and go for a dip. Swimming and water recreation is an important staple of Florida culture. This pool is now accessible by an aquatic lift to assist swimmers with disabilities.


  • Hours are subject to change for holidays, breaks when school is not in session, Gator football home games, maintenance, weather, etc.
  • An alert box will appear at the top of the Aquatics pages for closures due to maintenance or weather.
  • The Broward Pool, Florida Pool, and Graham Pool will close if the air temperature including wind chill drops, or is predicted to drop, below 45°F.
  • The pool is open seasonally March through October, weather permitting.

Other Pool Locations

  • Graham Pool
  • Florida Pool
  • O’Connell Center Pool

Patrons must present a valid student, faculty, staff or spouse/partner Gator 1 Card to enter the pools.

Broward Pool and Graham Pool Guest Policy

  1. All guests must be sponsored by an eligible student, faculty, staff or spouse/partner with a valid Gator 1 card.
  2. Guests must sign in the pool Guest Book. All guests 18 years or older must show a government issued picture identification.
  3. Sponsors must accompany guests at all times and are responsible for their conduct and actions.
  4. Individuals seeking admittance to the pools may not solicit members to sponsor them as a guest.
  5. Sponsors are limited to four guests per day at the Broward pool and Graham Pool. Guest visits per semester are not limited at the
  6. Broward and Graham Pools.
  7. Requests for extended passes must be emailed to aquatics@recsports.ufl.edu and include name of guest, reason for the request, days guest will be present, sponsors name and UF ID number.
  8. Guests cannot participate in Sport Clubs practices, Swim Instruction, or Fitness Classes at the Broward and Graham Pools.