Class Descriptions

Cardio | Cycling | Mind/Body | Outdoor | Dance | Strength

All classes are 60 minutes unless indicated otherwise. If a number is listed on the schedule after class name, this number indicates the duration of the class.

Please wear athletic footwear to all Group Fitness classes except select mind/body classes. You may be asked to leave if you do not adhere to this policy.



This class provides a cardio-based workout with strength exercises through elements of boxing, martial arts and choreography to songs. This class does not involve physical contact and is designed for all levels.

Interval Training

Experience the effectiveness of interspersing bouts of near-maximum exertion with periods of lower intensity activity. Interval training is a great way to ramp up your typical cardio workout.



Studio Cycle

To get started with our Studio Cycle class, simply head to your phone’s app store and search for “Intelligent Cycling.” Once you’ve found it, download the app and select “Sign up free.” Enter your UF Email, choose the United States as your country, and set a password of your choice. Agree to Intelligent Cycling’s terms of service and privacy policy by clicking the green button, then create your user profile. If you’re an instructor, confirm your status when prompted. You can opt in to receive updates on new features and allow access to Bluetooth for performance tracking. Once done, click “Continue” and save your settings. You’re now ready to join our Studio Cycle class and start tracking your performance effortlessly. See you on the ride! 


Ride your way through rolling hills, flat horizons for speed and sprint up mountains for intense climbs while listening to some top-notch tunes. This cardiorespiratory workout will keep your heart rate up and your mind engaged.



Hip Hop Choreo

Pop, lock, and drop it in a high intensity, high impact choreographed dance class. Hip Hop Choreo is Hip Hop Fitness with a twist – where participants will learn extended choreographed dances created by the instructor! Hip Hop Choreo happens at the Lower-Level Dance Studios in the Reitz Union.

Hip Hop Fitness

Get ready to sweat, groove, and leave your worries behind as we turn the workout into a wild dance party. It’s not just fitness; it’s a feel-good, high-impact experience that’ll have you moving to the beat with a smile on your face.

Hip Hop Fitness/Step

Step into the rhythm and let loose in our high-energy Hip Hop Fitness class – where we’re all about popping, locking, and dropping it in a choreographed dance frenzy!


Mind & Body


Discover MatPilates, a versatile fitness program for all levels. Whether you seek improved health, flexibility, muscle tone, or pain management, our classes offer a holistic solution. Experience physical challenge alongside mental empowerment, and reach new heights in your fitness journey with us. 

Center Barre

A dynamic fusion of ballet and Pilates for a full-body workout. No dance experience needed! Contrary to the name, no barres are used; the entire session unfolds from the room’s center. Join us for a graceful and strengthening experience, blending the best of both worlds!

Power Yoga

Want to combine strength and flexibility? Power Yoga is perfect for you. This powerful class is tailored to those wanting to challenge themselves in their practice. Cardio, core, and balance challenges frequent this class. Are you ready to find that inner power?

Recovery Yoga

This stretching and flow class will leave you feeling limber and grounded, allowing you to explore your own abilities with balance, stillness, and breath. If relaxation and flexibility are two of your goals, this is the class for you!

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa yoga translates to “Breath synchronized movement”. Be prepared to get in tune with your breath and follow it through standing, flowing, seated, and balancing postures

Yin Yoga

Looking for slower paced yoga? In this class, poses are held for extended periods of time to maximize stretching.

Hatha Yoga

This “yoga for health” class will ease your mind and guide mental clarity toward strength, flexibility and relaxation. Breathing, postures and stress management will serve as the foundation in this centuries-old form of exercise.


A combination of yoga and Pilates, Yogalates gives you a workout focused on strengthening the core, improving posture, and increasing flexibility. This class offers a balance of strength and flexibility while catering to all body types and fitness levels! No yoga or Pilates experience is required.

Sunrise Yoga

Energize your mornings with Sunrise Yoga, a blend of gentle movements and mindful breathing set against the backdrop of a beautiful sunrise. Join us for a holistic start to your day, fostering balance and well-being.

Sunset Yoga 

Wind down with Sunset Yoga – a serene practice that helps you release stress and find inner peace. Let the calming poses and soothing breathwork against the sunset backdrop bring harmony to your evenings.





Bootcamp is a unique class designed to offer high intensity training, total body conditioning, core training, speed and agility training in a non-traditional format.  If you want to flip tires, throw medicine balls, swing kettlebells and bring a ton of variety to your workouts, this is the class for you!

Swim Fit

Work with a swim coach to improve your technique and maximize your swimming strengths. Coaches program workouts to challenge multi-level swimmers comparable to a swim team practice. Class meets at the Florida Pool on the northeast side of the pool under the shaded pavilion. Swimmers are encouraged to bring a towel, goggles, and optional swim cap. *

*Note: Must be able to swim 50 yards non-stop and possess confident swimming skills.

Stadium Conditioning

Have a great time in the best adult playground in Gainesville! This class utilizes the stairs, benches, ramps, and straight-aways of Ben Hill Griffin Stadium for a fun and intense workout. While Stadium Conditioning is an advanced class, it changes from week to week with adaptations for all fitness levels.



-You will not receive a penalty if you choose to not attend class during inclement weather.

-Please meet OUTSIDE of access control at SR, on the eastside.




Strengthen abdominal and lateral flexors, back extensors and core stabilizers to improve torso stability and function.

Total Body

A strength training class that targets the major muscle groups using various equipment and body weight. Total body also incorporates bursts of cardio to keep your heart rate up.