Forms and Documents


  • Gator Connect: All clubs must first register with Student Activities and Involvement.  Assure your club’s Gator Connect page is updated with contact information for interested new members.
  • Volunteer Coach/Instructor Form: ALL coaches and instructors must complete this form and return it to your club liaison.
  • Waiver: ALL participants must complete this waiver before any type of skill evaluation, practice, or travel.  As of Fall 2020, we have a new way to sign your waiver!  Click here for step-by-step instructions!

Apparel and Branding

  • Branding Guide: This guide will take you through all the do’s and don’t’s for using UAA trademarked logos and fonts.
  • Apparel & Logo Usage Request Form: Complete this form for any all and instances where your club wishes to use UAA trademarked logos (Gator script, gator head, etc.).

Classification System

  • Classification System Guide: This document details the requirements each club must meet to obtain Orange, Blue, White, or Grey status  in the classification system.
    • Community (Volunteer) Service Report: Submit this form for every community service event completed by your club.  Remember this counts toward the classification system!
    • Sport Club Event Attendance: Check out what other clubs have going on!  Once you and your teammates support another club, be sure to submit here along with a picture of you at the event!

Hosting an Event

Travel and Finance

  • Travel Guide:  This guide will take you through all processes you need to complete when traveling on behalf of your club.
    • Pre-Travel Form: Let us know where you’re going!  Your Pre-Travel form must be completed seven days prior to your trip.
    • Post-Event Form: How did the game go?  This form is mandatory to receive credit for traveling as a classification requirement.
    • Fundraising Approval Request: Have a great fundraising idea? Let RecSports know what you are looking to do!
    • Fundraising Tracking Form: Every cent counts!  Assure you submit proof of funds raised in this form as well, this is for the classification system!
  • Event Hosting Guide:  Review this guide to assist you in preparing for hosting your home event!
    • Event Request Form: All events your team plans to hold (scrimmage, league game, expo, etc.) all need to be submitted here for approval.
  • Post-Event Form: How did the game go?  This form is mandatory to receive credit for hosting as a classification requirement.