Sport Club FAQ

This Quick Reference Guide has been designed to answer some of the common questions we receive. Policy and Procedure questions can be found in the Sport Clubs Handbook.

To be considered a candidate for the Sport Clubs Program under the Department of Recreational Sports, an organization must first meet the criteria outlined below.

The Sport Clubs Council with guidance from professional staff has the discretion to determine if the following criteria has been met.
• The Club must be physical and athletic in nature.
• The Club must show the existence of a national or regional governing body.
• The Club must maintain a schedule against outside competition.
• The Club must have access to a safe, suitable practice venue for the sport. The venue must have the capacity for future growth.

Candidates must demonstrate the following:
• The Club must be registered with the Center for Student Involvement.
• The Club must have enough members to field a team for a team sport and at least 10 active members.
• The Club must actively promote their sport to the general student body.
• The Club cannot significantly duplicate an existing sport club or other campus program.
• The Club must demonstrate financial stability through fundraising and other sources of revenue.