Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking at Lake Wauburg South Shore
North Central Florida is a paradise for lovers of mountain bike trails, and the University of Florida’s Department of Recreational Sports has created a course for the student body to explore this fun (and sometimes challenging) outdoor activity. Lake Wauburg’s South Shore offers a 1.25 mile trail loop, meandering through a North Florida hardwood hammock with vistas of the lake and regional ecosystems. The trail is low to moderate difficulty, with some terrain variation and tree roots. Part of the trail runs along the lake shore, and the course is subject to standing water during seasons of high rain or lake levels.

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Share the Trail
The trail is designed for recreational use of bikers as well as runners. Bikes must ride in the designated direction (counter clockwise, follow blue arrows) and runners must run in the opposite designated direction (clockwise, follow red arrows).
Use trail etiquette! Stay to the right side of the trail when approaching on-coming participants and warn other participants when you pass them from behind. Generally, a call of “on your left” is acceptable as you start to pass another participant.

Bike Care
While Lake Wauburg doesn’t offer a full-service bike repair service, certain equipment is kept at the South Shore to assist in the operation of the course and maintenance of Lake Wauburg’s bikes, including air pumps and chain lube. If you are using your personal bike, please bring your own tubes, patch kits or spare parts.

Be Prepared
All riders must wear a helmet. Helmets may be checked out at the boathouse.

All riders must wear closed-toed and heeled shoes.

Don’t forget your Gator 1 Card for admission to Lake Wauburg and for bike or helmet check out.

If you bring your own bike, bring your own tubes, patches or repair/replacement parts. Air pump and chain lube is available at the boathouse located at the South Shore.