The “Create Habits, Adopt New Growth, and Enhance Self” Program recognizes that students face challenges to wellness in a variety of ways and aims to help those who may struggle with positive behavior change, weight management, body image, and/or self-esteem surrounding physical activity or movement to a degree that causes significant distress. To achieve this, the 10-week program combines physical activity in a small group setting with wellness coaching and nutrition education. The program consists of:

  • Pre and Post Test Assessments
  • Facility tour of Southwest Recreation Center
  • Two 60-minute group physical activity sessions each week with two certified fitness professionals.
  • Two 30-minute nutrition workshops with a Licensed Dietitian.
  • Three 45-minute goal-setting workshops with a certified Wellness Coach.
  • Priority scheduling for wellness coaching at GatorWell Health Promotion Services (optional)
  • Priority pricing for Nutrition Counseling at RecSports (optional).


Any University of Florida student currently being seen by a UF-affiliated provider is eligible for the CHANGES. Program. The provider uses his or her knowledge of the program and understanding of the student’s health and wellness goals to determine if the student is eligible.


The service is free to all participants to reduce financial barriers to joining the program. RecSports is limited to how many participants can join the program each semester.


  • The CHANGES Program is part of an IRB-approved study to explore the effectiveness of a 10-week, health and wellness program measuring program adherence, resting heart rate, resting blood pressure, and overall perceived wellness for sedentary individuals referred by a healthcare professional.
  • Since its inception in 2014, the CHANGES program has helped over 400 Gators adopt a lifestyle in motion. With your support, CHANGES can continue to move students to engage in lifelong wellbeing.