James A. Bryan III Student Development Grant

Student Staff Development Opportunities

  • The Department of Recreational Sports (RecSports) is committed to advancing student success, developing leaders, and encouraging lifelong wellness. Each year Recreational Sports serves more than 750 student employees, ignites their passion and prepares them for careers in recreation and countless other fields. This development fund helps support our students in obtaining certifications, attending conferences, and participating in other professional development opportunities. It is through your donation that you can make a huge impact on the lives and careers of our students. Your support will provide even more opportunities for our students to grow and learn.


  • Student employees are faced with a financial barrier to participate in many professional development opportunities
  • Many student employees want to obtain further and advanced certification in their area of specialization, however the cost can be prohibiting


  • Provide support for student success by enhancing opportunities for advanced trainings and certifications
  • Support attendance at national, regional, and state conferences, workshops, symposia by graduate and undergraduate student employees
  • Support enhanced training and attendance at regional and national extramural events
  • Contribute to the personal development of UF students

Jim Bryan Award

  • Through a generous endowment from Intramural Sports alumnus Jim Bryan, and donors like you, we have been awarding professional development grants to our student staff at our annual staff appreciation banquet held in spring. This list showcases our award winners and their project or training that was funded through this program.
  • Jim Bryan Award Opportunities Granted:
    • CHEK Holistic Life Coach
    • Level 1 Workshop
    • Certified Special Population
    • Specialist National
    • Conference/Exam
    • ETA Officials Camp
    • TRX Group Suspension
    • Training Course
    • IDEA World Fitness Convention
    • Water Safety Instructor
    • Certification (WSI)
    • Emergency Medical Technician
    • (EMT) Basic Certification
    • Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT)
    • 200-Hour Training
    • USA Weightlifting Sports
    • Performance Coaching Course
    • American Mountain Guides
    • Association Single Pitch Instructor
    • Course & Assessment
    • Fleximobile Integration Course
    • AORE 31st Annual Conference
    • Lifeguard Instructor Course