Outdoor Skills Workshops

Check out our workshop schedule below! You’ll leave our workshops feeling more empowered and prepared to get out there on your own.

CORE also offers the Wilderness First Responder medical certification, an 8-day course that provides training in responding to emergencies in the backcountry. This is a great course to take for people who love the outdoors and remote settings! You’ll learn practical medical concepts that can also be applied to everyday life, such as treating blisters, burns, and heat exhaustion. The course is offered during March Spring Break. Email Braja Smith, Assistant Director of CORE, b.smith2@ufl.edu for more information.

DateOfferingOffering TimeLocation TimeMember PriceNon-Member Price
2/2/2024 Sailing 1019:30am - 12pmNorth Shore$25$30
2/8/2024 Night Zipline & S'mores6pm-7:30pmSouth Shore$20$25
2/8/2024 Night Zipline & S'mores7:30pm-9pmSouth Shore$20$25
2/16/2024 Sailing 1019:30am-12pmNorth Shore $25$30
2/18/2024 Aerial Adventure & Zip12pm-2pmSouth Shore$25$30
2/18/2024 Aerial Adventure & Zip2:30pm-4:30pmSouth Shore$25$30
2/22/2024 Night Zipline & S'mores6pm-7:30pmSouth Shore$20$25
2/22/2024 Night Zipline & S'mores7:30pm-9pmSouth Shore$20$25
2/23/2024 Sailing 1019:30am-12pmNorth Shore$25$30
3/22/2024 Sailing 1019:30am-12pmNorth Shore$25$30
3/28/2024 Night Zipline & S'mores7:30pm-9pmSouth Shore$20$25
4/5/2024 Sailing 1019:30am-12pmNorth Shore$25$30
4/7/2024 Aerial Adventure & Zip12pm-2pmSouth Shore$25$30
4/7/2024 Aerial Adventure & Zip2:30pm-4:30pmSouth Shore$25$30
4/12/2024 Sailing 1019:30am-12pmNorth Shore$25$30
4/19/2024 Sailing 1019:30am-12pmNorth Shore$25$30
4/28/2024 Aerial Adventure & Zip12pm-2pmSouth Shore$25$30
4/28/2024 Aerial Adventure & Zip2:30pm-4:30pmSouth Shore$25$30